'She Slayed: A Drag Murder Mystery' -  Digital Designer

December 2023 - April 2024  (in progress)
Blender / Procreate IOS / Adobe Creative Cloud

"A [Drag] House divided against itself cannot stand!" Abraham Lincoln, 1856 (kinda)

Tensions mount during a diva-themed drag show, culminating in a fierce murder! While waiting for the police, the night is swiftly transformed into a whodunnit! Can you figure out who slayed?

She Slayed: A Drag Murder Mystery is a comedy, murder-mystery theatrical show. I was responsible for the posters, social media assets and other promotional material.

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Show Posters 

'Heel' Poster


Solid Mode

Texture Preview

Raw Render

'Usual Suspect' Poster

This poster was a parody of the film poster of The Usual Suspects (1995)

'Curtain' Poster

Final Version

We bounced around ideas on how to present didactic text. We ultimately agreed on something simpler. 

In the early stages of design, we considered using a 'Wide-Shot' point-of-view.

We initially considered using 3D models to build the poster. We decided against it as it to greatly resembled a diorama. 

Sponsors Promo

A Social Media Tile created to advertise the show's sponsors

Instagram 'Call to Action'

A Social Media tile intended to push traffic to the official Instagram Page. The framing device is that the Instagram page is evidence from a crime scene, suggesting and fitting the premise of the show.