'Toon' -  Animated Series

2021 - Current
Blender / Procreate IOS / Adobe Creative Cloud

"The Alien Toon has done unforgivable things in his past, and now must face the harm he has committed."

TOON is an independently animated series created with Blender, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator and Procreate. 

The series playlist can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6JHYFOi0y3QvogiWCWZtH7L7LfuoAZW7 

Season 1

Season 2


Episode 1 || 'Toon & Kin-Dor Aggression

'The dominating Kin-Dor are attacking a Galactic Nation Ship! Who will stop this grave and unjustly assault?'

Episode 2 || 'Surface Tensions

'The alien known as Toon is visiting an old friend. Meanwhile, a human family home is encroached by invaders from below...the Oreg!' 

Episode 3 || 'Kroba

''Toon travels to the year 2136 to check in on an old Power Plant on a primitive planet. However, a dangerous entity known as a KROBA has their own intentions for the Power Plant...' 

Episode 3.5 || 'The Queen's Agent

'Elsewhere from Toon's travels through the Universe, two individuals stand isolated in the snow. What will come of this meeting has yet to be seen..'

Episode 4 || 'Ghosts of Mars

'Toon's regrets lead him to the Red Planet Mars! There he receives an ominous signal - a cursed mirror is again active! But who is already there waiting for him...'

Episode 4.5 || 'Moving Pieces

'As Toon's regrets follow him from the Red Planet to Ruins on Earth, others begin to move into position towards their awful endgame.'

Episode 5 || 'Corridors' 

'Transported into an unknown realm by the INSIDIOUS Men In Black, Toon must figure out a way back into his own Universe.' 

Episode 5.5 || 'Ares, Visions and the Unknown'

 'A long time ago... a collection of aliens sought to understand why their homeworld had to die. Battered and bruised, their Leader seeks an audience with a fabled Oracle.' 

Episode 6 || 'Vicky'

'Exhausted and unconscious, the alien Toon dreams of events long since passed and the lingering guilt with it.'

Episode 6.6 || 'Weekly Lives'

'Away from Aliens and adventures in space and in-between, a peculiar human goes about her week.'

Episode 7|| 'The Men In Black'

'Motivated to do so by the actions of the alien named Toon, the Men in Black have hunted and persecuted those deemed natural across the Planet Earth. Now they have gone too far and now Toon must confront his biggest mistake thus far.'

Season 2

Episode 8|| 'Rapunzel & Jane'

"After the destruction of the Men In Black, new forces begin to move across the Universe - a Weyrd Cult praising the same god the Men In Black warred to defeat. Meanwhile, Toon meets a young woman trapped in a tower." 

Episode 9 || 'Melop'

"Toon and Rapunzel land the Entra on a near-empty boat is lost at sea! There they are warned that the most dangerous creatures of all surround them: Mermaids. Meanwhile, Strawcrop visits an old Freind." 


The Series features all kinds of colourful characters. Via the series protagonist named Toon, we explore the unforeseen consequences of our actions and the rippling effect it has on even strangers.